At CBD Chiropractic, we recognise that your first visit to us is a critically important step towards achieving a positive health outcome.  Whether you are seeking Chiropractic treatment, Myotherapy treatment or both, your health objectives will always be our sole focus and we will work with you to provide you with a customised care plan to reach those objectives.

Initial Consultations

Your initial consultation with Dr Bourke or Ms Gay will include:

  • a review of your health history;
  • a thorough examination of the spine, posture and body alignment;
  • development of a strategy to achieve better spinal comfort for the short and long term;
  • arrangement of appropriate diagnostic imaging (including x-ray and MRI scans) and other professional referrals.

Diagnostic Imaging

In many cases, diagnostic imaging is required before Chiropractic care can commence.  This is because Dr Bourke must gain a detailed understanding of your condition and diagnostic imaging is the best method of obtaining objective evidence regarding your condition.

Once Dr Bourke has received your diagnostic imaging, he will review it with you and establish a customised Chiropractic care plan for you.